The illiteracy & computer illiteracy issues are haunting the governments & bureaucrats in many nations around the globe. Technology & mankind are progressing at lightning speed & hence these basic issues need to be addressed in ways that can eradicate them really fast while we combat with other issues globally.

One cannot deny the fact that literacy is strength. Reading & Writing form a large part of expressing oneself. A lot is missed if one doesn’t know to read & write and it leads to ignorance, unawareness, inexpressibility, lack of power, lack of influence, lack of medium to make ideas reality , & hence poor human resource for the country.
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    One of our Successful Campaigns in 2012: DecLiterate Campaign
    Sujit Lalwani's Call to the World on DecLiterate Campaign:
    At the One Young World conference 2012 in Pittsburgh, USA, Mr. Sujit Lalwani, OYW Ambassador from India addressed 1300 delegates from 183 countries about the importance of literacy and computer literacy in specific. He stated the importance of a huge network to make literacy expand its wings and reach every individual of the world. He narrated about an idea called IU Literacy Project with the tag line "illiterate to literate before you graduate". This project has been successfully coaching the youths in India about the importance of education from April, 2012. Mr. Sujit Lalwani also called upon the world audience to take up a literacy campaign in the month of December, 2012 and christened it as DecLiterate Campaign then and there. He concluded with the statement, “Action is one thing that needs to happen after a little bit of talk that has happened.”

    What is DecLiterate Campaign?
    December 2nd happens to be The World Computer Literacy day. Within one day one person can go out and make some people literate and put up posters and photographs on Facebook saying, "I made 200 people literate today!" If so much of satisfaction can be felt by doing it one day, then one can only imagine the extent of happiness of making people literate one whole month. That's when the term DecLiterate campaign got coined. Mr. Sujit Lalwani promised the world that in the month of December, 2012, for the first ever time Inspiration Unlimited would host this campaign and sought the support of the OYW delegates to support this cause on one of the days in December. He also made sure to invite all the people watching OYW conference live across the globe to contribute their bit towards spreading literacy and computer literacy as a part of DecLiterate campaign.

    Kavya Madhavan, whose photo can be seen in the top right corner of this webpage was appointed as the chief volunteer for the Literacy Campaign from Bangalore, India. Thus far, in last 6 months, she has gone on to educate a number of illiterates into literates, both children and the aged. We hope that she shall continue her efforts towards spreading literacy among the illiterate masses and certainly are sure that lot more will join hands to accomplish the vision of a 100% literate world.